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Energy is the greatest contributor to climate change. Nudge’s career platform is driving the energy transition, connecting the world’s most ambitious companies with top industry talent. They needed a brand to inspire and support companies and candidates to transform the sector.

Our Role

  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Website design

Rebuilding an industry

Every Nudge sign-up is making a sustainable energy industry possible. Individual choices reroot its future and have a knock-on effect on the technologies and people. As momentum grows it becomes more powerful and this movement is what formed our concept for the brand. Nudge’s N mark and logo capture the moment that one decision inspires the next. We then created a unique photography frame, dynamic patterns, lettering and infographics from the same shapes. 

Tone of voice

The people who use Nudge’s platform for career development are ambitious, brave and looking to take control of their future. They are highly qualified and serious about what they do. The tone of voice connects with their drive. Motivating the right companies and candidates to take the leap. 

Candidates in the spotlight

With a focus on nurturing talent and shining a light on new possibilities, this brand needed a human touch. The illustration style takes inspiration from traditional methods of finding a job like circling an advert in the paper. Each illustration represents a different aspect of what Nudge does.  

Billboard in the subway. It has the words - we search, we connect, we nudge on it
Dark green notebook which says 'Good Energy Club' on it.

Good energy club

Changing the energy industry will take more than switching to renewable sources. Working cultures and diverse teams are hugely important. Photography was chosen to show that the future of energy is inclusive and that talent is what matters, no matter your background. We also sourced images that show the power of nature and renewable technology.

Instagram feed for Nudge showing various posts.
An image of wind turbines show as an Instagram post.
Business cards layed out flat next to each other. They are dark green with a shiny 'n' on them. The N looks like one lin falling over and hitting the line next to it.
Pages of the brand guidelines we made for Nudge. They show how to use the brand. The colours, logo and supporting assets


Working with a fellow B Corp meant we were able to push them further on how they communicate their values and translate them into their brand and communications. Since launching,  website traffic is up 112% and sign-ups have doubled thanks to a simple user journey and clear calls to action.

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