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WEST Wooden brand element in Red hallway - 3D wooden signage and wooden icon light fittings


German style brewery WEST brought us in to redesign their tour experience. After going on an undercover tour, we built a strategy around the customer journey.

Our Role

  • Strategy
  • Brand development
  • Brand experience
  • Educational graphics
  • Interiors
WEST ingredients icon - Malt
WEST ingredients icon - Water
WEST ingredients icon - hops
WEST ingredients icon - yeast

Taste their difference

Understanding WEST’s business and values helped us pinpoint their unique message. Their dedication to using only four ingredients; water, malt, hops and yeast, formed our designs and shaped the new experience. Through educational graphics, sensory tastings and interactive areas, we take customers on an experiential journey from grain to glass.

WEST - Grain Wall sketch
west brewery - 3d wooden slogan and lighting sketch
WEST - Hand painted 'Water. Malt. Hops. Yeast. That's it.' entrance signage
WEST - brewing process infographic
WEST - room signage
west - grain journey inforgraphic detail
west brewery grain wall


The tour has become a tool to help WEST communicate what they stand for and what makes them different; a sustainable business dedicated to purity of ingredients. This obsession with honest ingredients means all of their beers are vegan, another added benefit of using a recipe that has stood the test of time.

WEST - icons for 4 ingredients
WEST brewery bespoke lighting
WEST - Interactive feedback wall with branded coasters featuring the 4 icons
WEST - hand painted gloves for each brewer
WEST - branded coasters featuring icons for 4 ingredients
WEST - image of people enjoying tour
WEST interactive tasting area
WEST coaster wall
WEST grain wall
WEST - interactive feedback area
WEST - beers signage
west brewery - brewing process infographic painted on tiles in brewery
WEST journey of the grain infographic diagram illustration
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