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Northport travel the world shooting and producing film that is expertly edited and crafted in their studio in the Scottish Highlands. The end results are moments of beauty and fine detail that other people might miss. They aren’t your standard film makers. They needed a brand to capture the quality of what they do and the unique way they do it.

Our role

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Social media guidance
  • Signage
  • Print design
  • Website design

A new perspective

Northport seek their own path. Whether shooting locally in the highlands or on the southern tip of Chile; they show us the world, their way. We transformed this vision into an immersive brand that opens a window to their universe.

Business cards that have fallen down on top of each other.
Diagram of the design we did for Northport's shopfront. It shows a big window with gold letters on it and a wooder sign with the Northport logo.

Connecting to context

The logo timelessly blends elegance with geometry and connects to their Scottish roots. The colour palette is taken from each individual project so that each case study becomes its own world. Imagery and colour wash over you as you navigate each project on their website.

Unexpected processes

The tone of voice covers the people, places and experiences that Northport work with. By pairing unexpected words we were able to create a friction that grabs your attention and brings their approach to life.

Image of a fishing village from the air
There’s nothing ordinary about us. From our location in the Scottish Highlands to our obsession with detail. We capture rare moments in unknown landscapes, tell authentic stories and celebrate extraordinary people.


Northport continue to share their vision of the world with a diverse portfolio of clients from publishing giants like Condé Nast to whisky brands like William Grants.


Video clips and photography: Northport

Phone sitting on a bench that shows Northport's instagram
Studio 204, Axiom, 54 Washington Street, Glasgow, G3 8AZ Google Maps