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Laura Spring has been running her vibrant textile studio for the last decade. She was looking for a brand to help her transition into the next chapter of her business.

Our role

  • Naming
  • Branding
  • Strategy
Man wearing a patterned jacked holding lots of brightly coloured textiles

A thoughtful practice

The studio was moving from a traditional collection based model to bespoke projects. This new approach celebrates curiosity. It respects resources and aims to bring joy through colour, pattern and texture. It has higher ambitions and it needs room to grow. We soon realised that it also needed a new name to work with the business trajectory.

A new chapter

The word mark holds its own when paired with the lively graphic fabrics that the studio produces. The letter forms are organic and exude a playful energy. It works well placed on top of the textiles, block colours or project specific photography.

The studio spring logo is white and placed on top of a tote bag
The studio spring logo is white and placed on top of a plain green background
Studio spring logo is white and is placed on top of two women outside the V and A in Dundee
Two women and a man standing in colourful jackets

Supporting typography works alongside an evolving colour palette. Flowing textiles bring out the life in each piece. The result is a brand that can grow with the studio.

An example of how the brand can be used on social media. It has text and colourful images
A rug with a geometric yellow design with a mid century sideboard on top.


Following the rebrand Studio Spring released their first collaboration with Love and Squalor. The project cuts down on fabric waste by using fabric, trims, samples, tests and general bits and pieces to make one of a kind jackets and jumpsuits. Make sure you follow them to see what happens next.


Studio 204, Axiom, 54 Washington Street, Glasgow, G3 8AZ Google Maps