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The project

Ferguslie Park is an established urban neighbourhood within the town of Paisley and Ferguslie Park is changing. We worked as part of a multi-disciplinary team led by Collective Architecture and alongside Lateral North and Create London on community-led vision for the area.

We named the project and designed a brand to help promote the workshops and events taking place as well as giving those living in the area a new way to communicate with their local authority.

Our Role

  • Strategy
  • Naming
  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Social media
  • Print collateral
  • Exhibition design
The making of logo

Fill in the blanks

Ferguslie Park is alive with a sense of community and is home to enterprising people who run groups, hold events and work hard to shape the area that they live in. We wanted anything that we designed to be an opportunity to showcase what already happens in Fergusie Park as well as giving locals tools to help them communicate what they would like to see there in the years to come.

The first way we did this was by coming up with a name that is incomplete giving residents a chance to complete it and make it their own.

Shapes used for Ferguslie brand

Stop. Take notice

There are several ways that people can take part in the project so we needed to create a system to communicate different types of information. By dissecting a hexagon, which has historical significance in the area, we developed a range of shapes that can be used in different ways.

The making of sticker
Ferguslie_Made by sticker
Ferguslie_make this a sticker

People and place

Bright and eye catching celebratory colours were used to capture pride in what’s happening in the area. This was paired with a humanistic typeface to make everything more approachable and reinforce the fact that the people who live in Ferguslie Park are at the heart of this work.

Tools for change

Social media kicked off the conversation by tapping into local Facebook groups and using instagram as a one stop shop for information about the upcoming events. It was also used to showcasing the people who are already changing the area as well as gathering insights and sharing images from events for people who couldn’t make it along.

FP_Instagram event picture
FP_Instagram profile
Ferguslie map
Ferguslie exhibition design

Works both ways

This project is about starting a new dialogue with the local authority so we designed information totems that could be hung in the community centre to act as another form of information gathering. We felt that it is important that this is a two way conversation so also designed space to record the previous week’s findings as well as providing information on upcoming events.

Community engagement
Ferguslie Park Event image


Since launching the project has been gathering views and insights from the people of Ferguslie Park digitally, through social media and in person through workshops with school and community groups, larger events and an artists residency in the area. These will go on to form part of a new plan and vision for the future of the area.


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