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The construction industry is responsible for using 50% of our natural resources, and produces 50% of all waste. IndiNature is on a mission to stop this devastating impact, and revolutionise the industry with their 100% plant based construction systems. They needed a brand to get them started.

Our role

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Icon design
  • Print collateral
IndiNature logo
IndiNature slogan - Taking care of you planet. Taking Care of your health. Taking care of your bills.


Branding the company before the products existed meant we had to create and communicate the value and benefits of IndiNature’s products. Not only for them to be taken seriously in a competitive sector but to gain crucial investment needed to get them off the ground.

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indinature snowflake icon
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IndiNature flyer with icons showcasing their benefits

Core values

Everything we designed was informed by their business goals and core values of trust, quality and care. Their communications were simplified and messaging made human to show the benefits of their products to companies, people and the planet.

IndiNature - IndiHowf
IndiNature Sub-brands for their products


IndiNature has since been recognised as one of the top 6 cleantech start-ups in Europe and has so far secured over £260,000 funding to build a production company in the Scottish borders.

IndiNature branded folders
Studio 204, Axiom, 54 Washington Street, Glasgow, G3 8AZ Google Maps