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Rugby World Cup 2019 Image treatement


STH Live, Rugby World Cup 2019’s official hospitality partner, briefed us to help with their marketing strategy and campaign creative for the tournament. They wanted a campaign that gave them their own voice whilst working alongside strict guidelines from the event organisers.

Our Role

  • Campaign creative
  • Copywriting
  • Strategy
  • Brand guidance

Context and insight

The year long ticketing campaign was split into 3 phases to align with the rugby calendar. Consistent multi-channel communication for all customer segments were set to raise awareness of the RWC19 programme and promote STH as the official hospitality partner.

Target market research informed our decision to introduce bespoke channels to drive sales with a widely varied audience. Tailored messaging was released through the course of the campaign to make their experience unique and memorable. The addition of communication post booking marked the start of STH Live’s exceptional hospitality.

Rugby World Cup 2019 Mount Fuji brand asset

Where rugby meets hospitality

The creative concept celebrates the spirit of unity; of countries, culture, fans and fleeting action colliding in amazing ways to make a once in a lifetime destination; the Rugby World Cup 2019. For headlines we created a system to juxtapose the grit of rugby with the elegance of hospitality that come together to create this unique event.

Rugby World Cup 2019 Campaign image and copy
Rugby World Cup 2019 website

Campaign creative

This resulted in a sophisticated graphic treatment with focus on clever headlines and evocative photography. The culmination of all these moments is conveyed in an overarching sign off, creating anticipation and excitement ahead of the immersive and unparalleled experience that awaits.

Rugby World Cup 2019 mobile site
Rugby World Cup 2019 brochure cover
Rugby World Cup 2019 brochure spread
Rugby World Cup 2019 Brochure spread editorial design


Basing our campaign on a solid foundation of research informed a strategy that maximised the creative, helping STH Live hit their annual sales target in less than three months.

Rugby World Cup 2019 Direct Mail editorial design

ilka took the time to understand not only the brand but also our commercial objectives. Their strategy document maximised the creative and we hit our annual sales target in less than three months.

Jonathan Griffiths, Head of Marketing

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