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We designed the brand and campaign for MENTAL; Lisbon’s first arts focussed mental health festival, whose aim was to break down the stigma surrounding the subject. Our work gave the festival a bold presence in its introductory year and encouraged people to get involved, reach out to others and change their behaviour.

Our role

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Campaign identity
  • Print collateral
  • Copywriting
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Mental health effects everyone

MENTAL Festival’s varied audience meant we needed to connect with people on a basic human level whether they were suffering from mental ill health, had been affected by it in some way or even had no interest in the subject. It was important that we built up the awareness over the course of the 6 month campaign to increase empathy and engagement at every step of the user journey.

Festival future proofing

By provoking action and conversation our campaign became part of the bigger festival experience. This allowed us to not only achieve MENTAL’s goals but was also an opportunity to connect to the ‘experience economy’, which the Portuguese Government had identified as one of it’s top priorities at the time, making the festival more attractive for funding in its subsequent years.

Mental - Logo


We designed an identity for the festival that is strong yet approachable. It needed to have a big impact wherever it was seen but also feel reputable and authentic when placed next to other health institutions or arts organisations.

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The campaign strategy was broken down into four key calls to action. TALK, THINK, LEARN and REACT. Each action provoked different graphic applications, allowing us to build our communications step by step, focusing on the needs of the audience at every interaction to encourage them to be part of the change.

A colourful palette and playful animation style were used to set the tone of the festival; welcoming and accessible. A celebration of the creativity that helps us instigate an alternative discussion around mental health.

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Going into its third year, MENTAL continues to challenge stigma and instigate important conversations around themes such as Alzheimer’s, Alcoholism, Suicide, Schizophrenia and Cyberdependence.

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