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Determined to address the inequalities that exist in the fitness industry, Fitt Principle needed a brand identity that promoted one clear message: Everyone, no matter their background or body, has a right to wellbeing.

Our Role

  • Brand workshop
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Copywriting
  • Social media 
Fitt Principle Gym


Through a brand workshop we were able to understand the drivers behind Fitt Principle, assess current challenges and explore goals. Full of knowledge and bursting with ambition, this was an organisation ready to make change.


Further research into the sector helped us understand movement, pre and post COVID, and clarified barriers. Knowing this helped us identify key audiences to target and presented brand opportunities that aligned with the future focus of Fitt Principle. No longer just a service brand, Fitt Principle needed to become an advocacy platform to motivate the masses and frame movement in a new light.


Lack of motivation is the No.1 reason that people are less focussed on their health.


64% of UK adults are overweight with sedentary workers placing high importance on productivity leading to poor diets and lack of movement.


1/5 of us now count our steps everyday so lets go back to basics.

Brand concept

Core brand assets act as mark of trust across all communications. With motivation and movement as our focus, we developed brand copy which would set the tone for all key communications.

Moving minds. Freeing bodies.

Fitness doesn’t need to be complicated or cost the world. No matter what head space or body shape you are in, movement is for you.

Back to basics fitness to get every body moving.

We motivate minds and celebrate unique bodies to build our community of movers. We demand to feel good.

Design to move

Colour, music and video bring a new energy to the brand. Workouts, events and podcasts acts as a stable stream of motivation and education. We introduced photography that challenged any preconceived ideas of wellbeing and movement; someone resting in bed, a daily walk or atrees or the ocean act as a tool to shift mindsets. We created a design toolkit to communicate these movement themes to all mindsets.

Spending the time finding out the core audience to target has helped shape the vision of the brand. Having a final logo and identity is something we’ve missed so it’s allowed us to look at moving forward parts of the business with brand confidence.

Stephen Fraser - Founder of Fitt Principle
Studio 204, Axiom, 54 Washington Street, Glasgow, G3 8AZ Google Maps