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CBBC - Quizzivals icons on books


Competing with Youtube and Netflix, CBBC needed a campaign that showcased their diverse content to an older demographic of 10-12 year olds. Working with BBC Creative we branded and developed designs for their “Find Your Tribe” campaign.

Our Role

  • Branding
  • Campaign assets
  • Typography
  • Icon design
Find your tribe logo
CBBC - Imagineers band - icon applied to drum and tshirt

Brand of badges

The campaign features 40 children from various ethnicities, abilities, ages and heights, with the aim of showing the diversity of the CBBC audience and their interests. We came up with the concept of a set of pin badge logos to convey the personalities of each tribe.

CBBC - Quizzicals - icon on books
CBBC - Quizzicals - logo
CBBC - Giggleators logo and icons
CBBC - giggleators - icon on kids clothes
CBBC - Imageineers logo
CBBC - imagineers icon on t-shirt
CBBC Find You Tribe 'Trenders' logo and icon

Unity in diversity

Choreographed by award-winning dancer Parris Goebel, the ad is styled like a music video and sees five ‘tribes’ of kids – Darers, Giggleators, Imagineers, Quizzicals and Trenders – tackle different dance routines, until eventually coming together at the end in a colourful crowd. A celebration of all the unique and diverse kids uniting together through CBBC.


This award-winning campaign helped CBBC’s audience identify, relate and engage with content they felt represented them.

CBBC - Giggleators - Icon on spacehopper
CBBC - trenders - icon on t-shirts
CBBC - darers - icon on t-shirt
CBBC - quizzicals with icon on books

We absolutely loved collaborating with ilka. Right from the start they injected their fun design style and brought the tribes to life. They were unbelievably quick to turn things around and nothing was ever too much trouble.

Sarah Fox: Creative BBC
CBBC - Icons for 5 tribes in CBBC campaign


  • Creatives: Sarah Fox and Jules Middleton
  • ECD: Aidan McClure
  • Creative Head: Mina Patel
  • Producer: Anne-Marie Small
  • Creative Producer & Photography: Chris Hill
  • Head of Marketing: Jamie Dodds
  • Marketing Manager: Helen Alder
  • Marketing Executive: Laura Sullivan
Kids forming CBBC logo
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