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Poppyscotland commissioned us to create a brand for their new travelling truck that would share their archive, veteran’s stories and the poppy’s heritage with schools and festivals all over Scotland. The aim was to reach and engage with a younger and more diverse audience to grow support for the work they do to help the armed forces community and their families in a crisis.

Our Role

  • Strategy
  • Naming
  • Branding
  • Interactive digital experience
  • Livery
  • Copywriting
  • Brand guidance

A symbol surrounded by conflict

Partnering with Snook, we conducted research workshops to reach disengaged audiences to gather their thoughts around the charity, the poppy and remembrance.

It only honours World War 1 and World War 2.

I didnae think it was for peace.

It hasn’t moved with the times.

Divided pasts connecting futures

Audience understanding was inconsistent about the support Poppyscotland offer with a misunderstanding of what the poppy stood for being the main barrier to engagement. Interestingly one view that remained consistent was remembrance. It had become a learned response, focussing on silence, loss and armistice day.

Our task was bigger than we originally thought. We not only had to clearly communicate what Poppyscotland do and what the poppy stands for, but we had to instigate a modern conversation around remembrance. Encouraging meaningful reflection, understanding and hope around a difficult and sensitive subject matter with a young audience.


Bud; the beginnings of a flower but also a friendly form of address. We chose to name the truck in a way that was still connected to the poppy but without it’s negative associations in order to reach new audiences and signal a new direction for the charity.

Visual tools

We were able to reach and represent new audiences by extending Poppyscotland’s existing brand by developing a contemporary colour palette, a friendly tone of voice, informative graphics and inclusive photography.

Bud brand elements

Interactive remembrance

Bud had to be an educational brand, taking audiences on a journey of discovery so they can make informed choices around Poppyscotland, whether they agreed with the poppy or not. This took the form of an interactive website; a one-stop-shop for education, support and remembrance.

The key interaction on the website is a contemporary remembrance journey. Users are presented with a variety or choices with each decision effecting the end result. This active reflection helps audiences empathise with the charity and those they help through a shared vision of a hopeful future.

Bud truck with full brand showcasing personalised brand icons


User generated Buds form the foundation of the design for the truck exterior and print campaign, instantly giving audiences a sense of ownership. Working alongside Bright and animation studio Brightside the brand was applied across the truck creating an interactive micro museum which encouraged exploration, conversation and reflection.

user generated logo
Bud interior
Bud exterior - Branded on all sides with logo, colours, personalised logos and copy
Bud Branded uniforms
Bud interior
Bud branded invite
Bud brand collateral
Bud interior
Bud interior
Bud - Remembrance journey website inside the truck
bud interior
Bud brand on interior of the truck
Bud interior of truck - strategy
Bud - branded truck visiting a school with kids visiting


Since launching there have been 500+ Poppy Bud’s created, giving audiences the freedom to shape their own views around remembrance. Bud has travelled to schools in 21 out of the 32 local authorities, engaging with new audiences with over 10,000 visitors. Encouraging more personal interaction helps break down existing barriers to ensure Poppyscotland get the support they need to continue their valuable work.

Bud personalised logo
Bud - posters showing personalised logos grouped together


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